Killing crimes, kidnapping and bulldozing of orchards is targeting the village of Mukhisa and its people Diyala

Killing crimes, kidnapping and bulldozing of orchards is targeting the village of Mukhisa and its people Diyala

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The Baghdad Center for Human Rights


While, we have been look forward to stopping of the sectarian crimes of killing and displacement, kidnapping and bombing of houses, farms, targeting civilians and their property in all districts of Diyala ,the government authorities are beginning using new methods as a tool for Igniting the sectarian crimes such as bulldozing vast areas of orchards which belong to Sunni clans in the village of Mukhisa in Muqdadiyah district, as well as killing , kidnapping, displacement and bombardment against civilians and Iraqi judiciary continues in ignore those issues  which submitted by the victims against  accused.

Mukhisa village, one of villages belongs to   Abu Saida in the Muqdadiyah district of Diyala province, located 35 km far northeast of Baquba, the center of Diyala. Its population more than 12,000 individuals all of them from Sunni tribes, as Aubiad and Dulaim and Ahiali and Khazraji.

Baghdad Center for Human Rights has documented that  local authorities has bulldozed  more than (160 Donums) of  orchards  owned by  Sunni clans  in Mukhisa village about  three months ago , as well as  prevent the people to selling their crops  and some were killing, kidnapping and theft by elements  of sectarian militias.

Where bulldozing operations began on 5  September by district director of Abu Saida  (Harith Saadoun Al-Rubaie) with the Municipality director  of Abu Saida  (Hossam al-Bawi)  accompanied  security forces , militias and mechanisms (Bulldozers ) belonging to the Municipality of Abu Saida , where were bulldozing  group of orchards in the village of Mukhisa adjacent to the village of Abu Karma , where confirm  a number of owners of orchards and witnesses to the Baghdad Center for Human Rights that bulldozing  operations are ongoing to this time.



As clarified a number of the villagers to Baghdad Center for Human Rights that the people in Mukhisa  they cannot  transport   agricultural crops to markets for the  selling it  because of the control of militias on the main roads of the village, they are  killing  or kidnap anyone   trying  to get out of the village for selling the crops  , where killed and kidnapped a number of residents of the village because of that .The latest accident of the driver   (Gamal Abdel Ismail Al-Jubouri) when he got out of the village   by a truck which were loaded with 12 tons of crops of  pomegranates, dates and grapes , which was stopped by a force of militia elements at the intersection of Abdullah bin Ali, where killed him and stole the truck  with crops, and was preceded by the killing of the driver (Adnan Jawad ) at the same intersection   Abdullah bin Ali and the stole of his car (Kia), which was loaded with crops, as well as the  kidnapped  of the driver (Omar Karim Al-Khazraji) and his car , which was  loaded with crops at the same intersection.

Because of these crimes, the thousands of tons of  crops in the village of Mukhisa stacked in homes and stores ( pomegranates, dates  and citrus fruits ) It is susceptible to damage, as grape crop damage  as a result  of Inability to transport the grape crops to  market because  of crimes militias that targeting  anyone trying to get out of the village.

Witnesses of the villagers has said to Baghdad Center for Human Rights that elements of the militia on Sunday 11/22/2015 , have been infiltrated from Abu Karma village to Mukhisa village and entered house of farmer called (Abdulredha Al-Jubouri) after they passed through an checkpoint of Iraqi army near his home , on the main road in the village, and then they killed two sons of the owner of the house and three of the workers in his farms and the injured two other  of workers , namely: (Amer Addulredha Al-Jubouri, Maher Abdulredha Al-Jubouri, Hussein Nazhan Majied , Karrar Saad Muhammad, Maed Mohammed Samit), and the wounded (Khaled Aref Ghaidan, Jassim Mijwall).

As documented the Baghdad Center for Human Rights the sayings and complaints the owners of orchards that have been razed it ,where they have confirmed in their sayings that the bulldozing of orchards was by order of the governor of Diyala (Muthana Al-Tamimi)


and the implementation and supervision by the district Director Abu Saida (Harith Saadoun al-Rubaie) and the mechanisms belonging to the Municipality Directorate of Abu Saida.

        As they did not get any compensation, and they had submitted formal complaints to Muqdadiyah Court and  Baquba   against the governor of Diyala province (Muthana Al-Tamimi) and the district director  of Abu steel (Harith Saadoun al-Rubaie) and  Municipality Director  of Abu Saida (Hossam al-Bawi) and others involved in these crimes. As documented Baghdad Center  the tracts  of orchards that were bulldozed, according to the names of their owners:

1-         Mansour Kadom Al-Khazraji (8 Donums ).

2-         Jabar Rashid Al-Dulimi (4 Donums).

3-         Daoud Rashid Al-Dulimi (2 Donums).

4-         Mashahan Mazal Al-Dulimi (8 Donums).

5-         Hadras Ahmed Al-Dulimi (12 Donums).

6-         Nadim Hadi Al-Sanjari (5 Donums)

7-         Matab Hamid Al-Dulimi (4 Donums).

8-         Omar Wahab Al-Karwee (10 Donums).

9-         Jalal Matab Al-Dulimi (6 Donums).

10-       Sabri Khalil Al-Jabori (5 Donums).

11-       Hassan Mohammed Al-Hiali(5 Donums).

12-       Ghssan Shahab Al-Hiali (3 Donums).

13-       Abas Mohammed AL-Hiali (4 Donums).

14-       Eassin Humadi Al-Azawi (4 Donums).


15-       Monather Shahab Al-Hiali (3 Donums).

16-       Hamad Shahab Al-Hiali (4 Donums).

17-       Ahmed Shahad Al-Hiali (3 Donums).

18-       Hamid Shahab Al-Hiali (3 Donums).

19-       Zaid Jumaa Al-Dulimi (4 Donums).

20-       Assmail Mohammed Al-Dulimi (12 Donums).

21-       Farawn Latif Al-Dulimi ( 10 Donums).

22-       Saad Kadum Al- Aobaidi (4 Donums).

23-       Ali Mohammed Al-Aobaidi (3 Donums).

24-       Adnan Kadum Al-Mamori (4 Donums).

25-       Jadoa Ayada Al-Mamori (3 Donums).

26-       Saleh Hamad Khalili Al-Aobaidi (5 Donums).

27-       Muhannad Taha Wahieb Al-Dulimi (5 Donums).

28-       Yones Abed Al-Dulimi (4 Donums).

29-       Jabar Anssaif Al-Hadidi (4 Donums).

30-       Hassan Abas Al-Hadidi (4 Donums).

31-       Hussain Abas Al-Hadidi (5 Donums).

32-       Doeeban Abas Al-Aobaidi (4 Donums).

The Baghdad Center for Human Rights has been published in earlier reports about  the organization violations against the people of Mukhisa village which  including bombing that targeting  Mukhisa village by  mortar rockets in the history of 06.08.2015 where they


fell more than 90 shell killed (the Child  Mustafa Hassan) he  have  12 years old , and injured other civilians.

The Baghdad Center for Human Rights also briefed to a number of Suits which submitted by victims in some districts of Diyala against a number of defendants, including local officials in Diyala province are accused of involvement in killing, kidnappings and displacement and bombing, but the Iraqi judiciary has not looking in such suits and ignored it without any legal justification, despite the presence of witnesses in most accidents. Defendants who have been charged with sectarian crimes of killing, kidnapping and displacement, namely:

1-         (Harith Saadoun al-Rubaie ) district director of Abu Saida .

2-         (Raed Ali Ahmed Al-Karwee) leader in Militia.

3-         (Manshad Ahmed Jandial Al-Mamori ) element in Militia.

4-         (Abod Abas Jandial Al-Mamori ) element in Militia.

5-         (Awad Noori Najem Al-Rubaie) element in Militia.

6-         (Khalis Ahmed Hamza Al-Tamimi ) element in Militia.

7-         (Adam Ajwad Hassani) element in Militia.

8-         (Hussain Rahman Saleh ) his nickname Hussain Jania , element in Militia.

9-         (Zaman Jwad Hassani)  element in Militia.

10-       (Abas Kareem Saad Al-Rubaie) element in Militia.

11-       (Mohammed Karreem Saad Al-Rubaie) element in Militia.

12-       (Ali Hussain Al-Tamimi) element in Militia.

13-       (Mohammed Aenad ) element in Militia.


The  Baghdad Center for Human Rights confirms that the bulldozing operation of  orchards in Mukhisa village within theme of  organize  sectarian targeting which organized   by local authorities and government forces in the province of Diyala, also the central authorities   blind eye about it  in a suspicious manner. The  Baghdad center calls the Iraqi parliament and the central government to take serious steps for  stopping  the sectarian  targeting crimes against innocent civilians in Diyala province.


The  Baghdad Center for Human Rights  also calls the  Supreme Judicial Council to consider suits submitted by the victims and the judiciary  should  not subject to any pressure  political and sectarian, and the center confirms  that the neglect of those suits puts the Iraqi judiciary in the Indictment Chamber Because of the concealment of the defendants who have committed crimes punishable by law.


The Baghdad Center for Human Rights

26 / November / 2015



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